Post workout body care with Indie Lee I-Recover range

How many of us take care of our body after we have done a workout? Time may be the issue for the majority of us but our fitness routine isn’t truly complete without taking steps to look after our body afterwards. It’s something that the fine athletes among us will be very familiar with but for the majority it’s probably something that’s overlooked.

The gyms are now back open here in the UK and although we are quite averse to the phrase ‘summer body’ there is something about the impending warmer season that makes us ramp up our exercise routine. Maybe it’s the appealing longer days or maybe it’s the thought of having our limbs out on full display, either way exercise becomes more of a priority as we go into summer. We take a look at how our ‘cool down’ routine can be maximised and an enjoyable step with Indie Lee’s I Recover range. Designed to soothe, repair and relax after a workout.

The range consists of two solid products, which work in conjunction with each other. Although specifically created for pre/post workout they are also wonderful to use to generally de-stress after a long day.


I-Recover Mind and Body Gel

For sore and achy muscles this creamy aromatic gel is an absolute essential. Whether you have overdone it in the gym or have been standing on your feet all day, this will provide instantaneous and much-needed relief. The thermogenic abilities deliver hot and cold sensations, which can only be described as an experience for weary muscles and certainly not one to be missed out on. The tingling and cooling oils of Eucalyptus and Menthol will leave you fresh and revitalised, whilst Black Pepper stimulates a lovely warming feel. In amongst a slew of essential oils you have skin nourishing Sweet Almond oil which is full of antioxidants, protecting against free radicals and supporting your skins barrier function with amino and fatty acids.

If pain relief is what you are really after then this gel has your back, possibly quite literally! Many report it being a fantastic natural remedy for arthritis, back pain, chronic pain and migraines. With Arnica and Eucalyptus being the stars of the show here for reducing inflammation and discomfort. To complete the full sensory experience the calming essential oil blend of Patchouli, Lavender and Sage will help you relax and wind down, which is perhaps the most important part of all.


I-Recover Body Soak

Don’t let the name of this deceive you, it’s quite the hybrid product with dual action abilities. The choice is yours as to whether you use this as an indulgent relaxing bath soak or to help scrub the day away. This really is for anyone who is in need of some TLC and full body recovery. It has a multitude of therapeutic essential oils which is the signature I-Recover blend using Arnica, Black Pepper, Patchouli and Lavender to help de-stress, combined with the revitalising herbal remedies of Rosemary and Sage. The exfoliating properties come from Dead Sea Salts and Himalayan Salts which smooth and rejuvenate the skin.

This product goes above and beyond expectations, delivering on multiple levels. If you are looking for an aromatic soak then adding a couple of scoops of this will elevate your bath and promote pure relaxation. If you are looking to smooth and refresh your skin, then using this as a body scrub to gently slough off dead skin cells will leave skin absolutely glowing. It’s particularly excellent for itchy, dry skin as the cocktail of coconut, sunflower and sweet almond oils nourish and soothe, leaving a veil of moisture behind. We can sometimes get away with skipping body cream as it does such a brilliant job alone!

We hope this has inspired you to take care of your body beyond your fitness regime!