Switching to Natural Deodorant - You Will Wonder Why You Didn't Do It Sooner!

Busting the myths, and giving you the low down on natural deodorant, here at ABW.

When it comes to skincare, it’s important to be aware of the ingredients you’re putting onto your skin. This includes your deodorant too! Many of us apply deodorant onto our skin every single day. So, it’s vital to make sure the deodorant you use is free from harmful ingredients. What most people don’t know is that a lot of deodorants are fully of nasty chemicals that can lead to irritation and negatively impact your body! Natural deodorants are a great way to prevent the dreaded sweat-smell, without risking the health of your skin.

Why you should ditch chemical deodorants:

Deodorant is purposely made to clog your pores

It’s no surprise that deodorants are packed full of toxins and chemicals, considering the main purpose of the product is to clog your pores! Deodorants work by using chemicals to physically block your sweat ducts, making you unable to sweat. In most deodorants, aluminium and other heavy metals (which are known health risks) are the primary ingredients used to stop you from sweating.

Aluminium and diseases

Many chemical deodorants use aluminium to line the sweat ducts and cause them to close. Aluminium itself is a known neurotoxin and has been linked to diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. Breast cancer tends to develop in the area closest to the armpit, so using an aluminium deodorant may be putting you at risk. Although aluminium has not been a confirmed cause of such diseases, there is a correlation. So, it may be best to ditch the aluminium and avoid risking your health.

Your body needs to sweat

Although sweat may seem unpleasant, it’s actually very important for your body’s health! Sweating is the body’s way of releasing toxins and regulating body temperature, which are two very important processes. Deodorants that use chemicals to clog your pores make the body unable to release the sweat necessary to cool the body down and release toxins.

You don’t need to stop sweating to stop body odour

Fortunately, you don’t need to stop sweating to stop the sweaty odour! That sweat smell actually occurs due to a reaction when sweat (which is actually just a mixture of salt and water) comes into contact with the bacteria already living on your skin. Luckily, we can change that reaction by using natural deodorant, which still allows us to sweat as necessary!

Natural deodorants have health benefits

Not only do natural deodorants limit the use of harmful and irritating ingredients, but they also contain ingredients that are beneficial for your skin! Natural deodorants often contain plant-based moisturisers which improve the condition of the delicate skin on your underarms, leaving them smooth and far less irritated. Increased smoothness and limited irritation can also result in a closer shave and less razor bumps!

Another thing to note is that, because natural deodorants do not clog the pores, the good bacteria on your skin is able to keep working. This results in less body odour, even when you’re not wearing deodorant!

Myths about natural deodorant:

It doesn’t work

The first thing many people think when it comes to natural products, is that they don’t actually work. However, like with all products, it’s all about finding the right product with the right ingredients. You don’t have to sacrifice results for the sake of going natural! You can find natural products that really work and, like with natural deodorants, often do the job just as well as chemical products without the risk!

They will stain your clothes

Deodorants tend to have a bad reputation for the yellow stains they leave behind on clothes, however the main culprit for these stains is aluminium! Natural deodorants tend to be completely aluminium-free, so you won’t have to worry about staining.

There’s an awful detox period

Many people think that switching to natural deodorant will result in even more sweating. However, this is not the case! What many people do not realise is that, unlike typical deodorants, natural deodorants do not actually stop you from sweating. This may take some getting used to as natural deodorants will not keep you completely dry, but they will stop the smell. Remember this is a good thing! Perspiration is a necessary process and is important for your bodily health.

One thing to keep in mind is that many natural deodorants include baking soda due to its natural deodorising properties. If you are sensitive to baking soda, try a baking soda-free natural deodorant, or try applying apple cider vinegar and warm water to your underarms prior to using baking soda-based deodorants to alleviate and limit irritations! Always do a patch test to limit the risk of reactions to certain ingredients.

Our natural deodorant picks:

Salt and Stone Natural Deodorant – Lavender and Sage

A long lasting, unisex, natural deodorant formulated with lavender and sage. This deodorant uses baking soda – a natural anti-perspirant – and probiotics to naturally reduce odour. Aluminium-free, this deodorant also uses hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, shea and cocoa butter in order to keep your skin soft, hydrated and heathy.

Flow Cosmetics Hemp Deodorant Cream

Aluminium and baking soda free – this deodorant cream is perfect for sensitive skin! With antiseptic essential oils such as orange, tea tree and lavender, it also calms skin irritations and issues such as eczema. This deodorant also uses coconut oil for its natural deodorising properties as well as organic rice powder and white clay to help keep your armpits dry.


Schmidt’s Fragrance-Free Deodorant Travel Stick

This travel stick is perfect for people who are sensitive to fragrances! This deodorant uses baking soda and arrowroot powder to neutralise underarm dour and absorb excess moisture. All compact in a handy stick format, this stick also uses shea, cocoa butter and Vitamin E to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

Agent Nateur Holi Stick No. 3 Deodorant

Award-winning and organic, Agent Nateur is a brand that strives to create chic natural beauty products that are healthy, anti-ageing and effective. This deodorant stick contains all-natural ingredients including coconut oil, beeswax, avocado butter and castor oil to nourish and protect your skin whilst preventing odour and absorbing excess moisture.