The Power of Dry Body Brushing

There is nothing new about body brushing, it hasn’t suddenly become trendy but it’s certainly gained more popularity over recent years. It’s a wellness technique that’s been practiced for centuries by many cultures as a form of body exfoliation. We believe it’s a really simple, underrated method of skin rejuvenation which we absolutely love here at ABW! There are said to be many benefits to dry body brushing and we are here to share what these are, and provide some top tips on how to get the best out of this effective treatment.


What is dry body brushing?

This is a multi-beneficial treatment that can be done in the comfort of your own home or in a spa by a professional. An exfoliating brush is used in long, sweeping strokes to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells, smoothing the texture of skin.


What are the benefits of dry body brushing?

Where do we begin?! Dry body brushing is said to help transform dull, dehydrated skin and improve numerous skin complaints including cellulite, dry skin, uneven skin tone and discolouration. It stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage which can lead to overall healthier, radiant skin. By stimulating the lymph flow in your body, it may help to detoxify it naturally, eliminating bacteria and toxins in the blood.

The deep massage it provides can improve the appearance of our skin, smoothing out uneven texture associated to cellulite. By performing this technique, it encourages fat deposits to be distributed more evenly which may reduce dimples and bumps in the process.

It’s also fantastic for preventing ingrown hairs as it encourages regular cell turnover.

How to dry body brush

It honestly couldn’t be easier! Firstly, invest in a high-quality body brush. Our favourite is Josh Rosebrook Natural Body Brush which is made from gentle, cruelty free Tampico fibres. Start at the feet and use long, even strokes towards the heart, to encourage circulation and blood flow. Ensuring you are not ‘scrubbing’ at the skin. It shouldn’t be painful and you absolutely shouldn’t be making your skin red raw! Alternate the pressure you apply depending on how sensitive your skin is, but firm pressure delivers better results. If you do have sensitive skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis for example then it’s best to steer clear of dry brushing as this can exacerbate issues and cause further irritation.

Complete your dry body brushing routine with a shower or bath to cleanse the skin, followed by a soothing moisturiser and body oil. This will nourish and feed moisture back into the skin. We love The Body Deli Amber Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion along with the matching body oil.

Body brushing can be incorporated into your everyday routine and is a wonderful ritual to do before you jump in the shower of a morning. The trick is to be consistent with it, doing it little and often. Allocating a short amount of time to it each day should harness noticeable results for both body and mind. Aside from being extremely beneficial for the skin it also acts as a natural energy booster, so will make getting out of bed each morning all the more tempting! You may even find yourself skipping your morning coffee!