8 Simple Skincare Intentions for 2021

With every new year we like to set ourselves some achievable intentions when it comes to skincare. Some small goals which are attainable and not too wild, that way we are more likely to stick to them. Over the course of 2020 we took great pleasure from our skincare routines, more than usual. They provided us with some much-needed stability, moments of calm and actively encouraged us to continue look after ourself, both from a mental and physical standpoint. We are carrying that into 2021 and taking comfort from knowing that no matter what is going on outside we can always have that time, in our bathrooms, just for us.

Here are our intentions which will hopefully give you some inspiration and help you obtain healthier, happier skin.


Double Cleansing

This is a term made famous by none other than the marvellous Caroline Hirons and a ritual we firmly believe in. This is where you cleanse twice in the evenings, which quite frankly we don’t need much persuading to do! We absolutely love this indulgent step. The first cleanse would be to remove makeup and SPF, we love a balm or oil in this instance to really lift everything off. Something like does the job perfectly. Then for the second cleanse which is to actually cleanse the skin and ensure it is left balanced we like to use


Exfoliate gently!

With exfoliation it is so easy to go overboard as the effects are quite addictive! That often-immediate glow can lure us! It very much depends on the product but it’s not usually necessary or wise to be exfoliating twice a day, every day. The happy medium we have found is around 2-3 times a week. For sensitive, easily irritated skin then a Konjac Sponge is a perfect option, it feels silky soft on the skin but lightly buffs away dead skin imperceptibly. It is also gentle enough to use every day. For something more hard hitting we are big advocates of acid-based products and different ones achieve different results. You could always mix them up depending on how your skin is feeling! As a weekly targeted treatment, we use The Body Deli Blueberry Fusion Cleanser.


SPF always!

Come rain or shine a dedicated SPF will be by our side. It can be tempting to be lazy with it but we really recommend you aren’t! It is the best anti-ageing treatment you can give your skin. If you are using retinoids or exfoliators you will want to step up your usage even in the winter months. Look for one with UVA and UVB protection, we like an SPF30 in colder months and an SPF50 the rest of the time. We turn to Salt & Stone Non-Nano Sun Lotion which comes in both factors. It protects and hydrates at the same, plus it has an elegant texture which applies beautifully.

Facial Massage

This is something we made more of a conscious effort to do in 2020 as it just feels so incredible! The bonus thing is that it is free and oh so easy, yet so powerful! You don’t need to use any tools for this (unless you want to) as your hands and fingers alone can achieve fantastic results. Taking the time to really massage your skincare into your skin gets the blood flowing and encourages lymphatic drainage which results in less puffy, more glowing skin. The key thing here is to ensure your skin has some slip to it so you aren’t tugging at it. Applying a facial oil is ideal for this as it not only allows for easy massage, it also contributes to the whole sensory experience.


Getting our beauty sleep!

This is a common one that pops up every year, and every year we try to do better! Beauty sleep is a real thing and is key for a naturally glowing complexion. Not getting enough causes the stress hormone cortisol to be released, which in turn can affect the way our skin looks. Inflammation, eczema and acne are just some of the skin conditions which can be exacerbated by how much shut eye we achieve. Ever wondered why our skin looks the best in the morning? Like our bodies, our skin follows a circadian rhythm, late at night and early morning is the time when our skin is working hard to produce new cells and replace the old ones.


Eating our water

Yes, you read that right! We all know how important it is for our skin to stay hydrated, to reinforce this we are stocking our fridges with foods that have a high-water content. They work in tandem with any water we consume and ‘eating our water’ has shown that our bodies absorb the water more slowly. Which means that it stays within us for longer and we benefit from all the nutrients that goes with that! We are stocking up on cucumber, strawberries, melon, celery and tomatoes! There are many more, you can read up on them here.


Adapting our routine

When life gets crazy and we are all going a million miles an hour it can be easy to just apply our skincare products in a hurry without paying attention to how our skin is responding. Is it tired looking? Are there dry patches? Are you having breakouts? Taking the time each day to ‘check in’ with your skin and see how its behaving is so important for achieving your best skin and understanding what state it’s in. There are so many factors that can change the way skin behaves. Physical, emotional and environmental conditions are all examples of this. Recognising any changes or patterns allows us to respond accordingly and adjust our routine/diet/lifestyle where needed. Skin feeling tight? Add in a hydration serum and up your water intake. Skin feeling sensitive? Pare back your routine and use barrier repairing ingredients and a gentle touch. Breakouts galore? Consider adding a salicylic acid product into your armour.


‘Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle’ – Erno Lazlo