6 tips for feeling healthy inside and out this Spring

Spring is on its way and I think we are all completely ready for longer, brighter days! After the rather depressing winter we’ve just had, it’s bound to have taken a toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. To say we have been left with a little less spark is an understatement! In order to get prepared for the new season we are sharing some tips that we hope will help put a spring in your step once again!


Invest in the things you enjoy and stop doing the things you don’t!

 Do you like reading? Do more of that! Do you hate running but do it anyway? Take off the trainers and give yourself a break! As simple as it sounds spending time doing things you enjoy, however big or small, is a very important part of feeling good. When we recognise the things that fulfil us and those that don’t, it feels extremely empowering. Life is far too short to be doing things in our spare time that fail to make us tick.


Declutter your space

There is something so energising about getting rid of things that have been lurking about, adding no real value. No need to become Marie Kondo overnight but focusing on one area of your home to tidy and declutter is incredibly rewarding. In fact, afterwards you may get the urge to do it again and before you know it you will be tidying and organising things like never before! It takes a real weight off your shoulders that you perhaps didn’t know was there.


Try something new!

Have you been wanting to try a new dinner recipe but have found yourself procrastinating? Or have you been debating whether to take up a new hobby or skill? No better time like the present! Trying something new has a profound effect on our body and mind. It stimulates areas of the brain that have been potentially stagnant, and the challenge encourages us to see from a different perspective. Stepping outside of our comfort zone can feel daunting but it gives us a bit of a reset, a jolt of motivation and allows us to see new opportunities that we may not have noticed before.


Consider supplements

There is much controversy over whether supplements are worth investing in and whilst we strongly advise you do your research; we can vouch for Lizzie Loves Herbal Remedies. We are fully behind these as we have experienced positive results and believe in their ability to support the immune system. They use a bespoke blend of natural extracts rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help you get back to your best, faster.

Eat and drink your way to a healthier you!

It sounds obvious but the food and drink we consume plays a significant part in how we feel. Although sugar-based products are tempting, they really only provide us with a short-term energy high, and subsequent low mood following a crash. To put a positive spring in your step there are plenty of proven foods that can boost your mood and will contribute to overall health. Very much a win win! Some easy examples you could try are Wholegrain Bread, Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Oranges and Red Peppers.


Introduce Aromatherapy

Research has shown essential oils have the power to uplift and affect our mood instantly, which is why we are massive advocates of using them. We love fitting them into our daily routine as they can be wonderful for releasing tensions and soothing any stress or anxiety. There are an abundance of oils out there and sometimes it can be a minefield knowing what to try when. Here are some options - Stress and Anxiety? Lavender and Peppermint are particularly calming and are worth trying. Restless sleep? Lavender and chamomile are known for being superstars at helping you switch off. Difficulty concentrating? Rosemary and Peppermint may get you back on track and feeling focused again. Suffering with muscle pain? Eucalyptus and Basil may soothe burning joints. Feeling run down? Ginger and Tea can help provide a much-needed boost.

We are enjoying Skin Alchemists Skin Treatment Candles, you cannot go wrong with whichever scent you choose. They both smell divine! Light the wick and allow the gorgeous oils to envelope the room before blowing out the flame, then use as a nourishing bath or body/massage oil. A complete and utter treat that you truly deserve!