Holiday Hair

As party season continues with sparkle, and we head closer to Christmas, we've pulled together three fabulous hair styles to see you through to 2019.


Glitter Balayage

Great to take hair from desk to dancefloor we love this Glitter Balayage.

Step one - Wash hair with Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo & Conditioner to add softness and shine while maintaining volume.

Step two - From a distance spritz Josh Rosebrook Hairspray from mid lengths to end, and then roughly dry using your hands to create texture and volume

Step three -  Prep your eco-glitter (we love Eco Glitter Fun Rosa Uber Disco Ball for this pink glitter balayage), by mixing lots of glitter in a small pot with a small amount of Josh Rosebrook Hair Cream and a tiny drop of Yarok Feed Your Shine Serum. Divide your hair into sections from roots to tips. Take each section in turn and using a large flat colour brush apply the glitter to the mid ends and lengths. Work from back to front, until your hair has a beautiful glittery balayage. (remember to wash your hair BEFORE going to bed again that night!).


Big Velvet Bow 

A gorgeous way to add a little bit of glamour to a parred down pony.

Step One - Wash hair with Yarok Feed Your Volume Shampoo and Yarok Feed Your Volume Conditioner to create beautiful shine with volume. Apply Yarok Feed Your Ends leave in conditioner from mid lengths to keep winter frizz at bay.

Step two - Dry hair into soft waves using a large round brush, back comb a little volume into the crown, and then pull hair into a loose low pony.

Step three - Spritz a little Feed Your Hold Hairspray into the length, and gently backcomb through the length of the pony to add texture. Secure a long double sided wide velvet ribbon and fix in a big beautiful bow.

Banana Bun 

A brilliant undone up do, we love to use this beautifully casual style to dress down and overly glamorous dress.

Step One - Wash hair with The Body Deli Living Greens Shampoo and Conditioner to increase volume and enhance highlights, then apply Yarok Feed Your Moisture Masque as a quick treatment (it works especially well on blonde hair to make it really shiny)

Step Two - Turn your head upside down and give hair a fine misting of Josh Rosebrook Lift from about 20cm to add texture and volume to the roots.

Step Three - Divide your hair into three sections. Tie the back middle piece into a loose, low ponytail. Then take the right hand section over the pony tail and pin under the ponytail, then take the left hand section under and again pin it in place. This should give you your 'banana' structure. Grab a load of pins and secure in place