Eye Focus


When we look into a mirror, our eyes are the first thing we look at and judge our appearance on.

We all worry about bags, dark circles and how we will look to others. Bright sparkling wide awake eyes are always the goal.

At this time of year, as the days are rapidly getting shorter, and the Summer sunshine starts to fade, our eyes are less stimulated by the daylight and puffiness and tired eyes too often get the better of us. Weary eyes are a tell-tale to others too.

Lines and Wrinkles

In truth, the area around our eyes is the first area to suffer from ageing and it's not just the "crow's feet", or lines around the eyes either. There are ways to help prevent these developing and hydrating solutions to help minimise what's already occurred. Our skincare routine below will help here.

Dark Circles

As we age the skin gets thinner but this is just one of the reason we might appear to have dark circles around the eyes.

There are lots of reasons for dark shadows under the eyes.

Very often it's hereditary, and sadly nothing we can do about this.

However, diet can be a big help, as can going to bed an hour earlier, and absolutely no blue screen technology for an hour before sleep (leave the phone and iPad alone) so you are relaxed and your brain is calm, easing you into a restful sleep. 

We also recommend a glass of hot water to start the day, with a squeeze of lemon juice, before you put anything else in the body. Hydration is key to skin health. 

Bags Under The Eyes

Puffiness around the eyes is generally due to fluid retention. Sleeping on one side all night, or with pillows too low means it's harder for the excess fluid to drain. Have you ever noticed that the puffiness is on one side more than the other? If that happens, stop and think if that’s the side you lay on the most as you sleep? Try sleeping with a plumper pillow, this will help too. Get outside in the daylight, away from artificial light, even if it is just for a 15 minute walk during your lunch break. Cool winter air can actually help!

This week just happens to be national Eye Health Week. So it's a good wake up call to get your eyes checked, book the opticians appointment, as well as maintain healthy skin and under-eye care. Strangely enough, I have actually noticed puffiness and creases around the eyes have diminished. It's partly a combination of a good skincare routine (which I shall go on to in a moment) but I personally have noticed that since I have worn glasses, with a reactive lens, I don't have to squint in the sun as much, and as such, it's had a degree of anti-ageing. Added to this, the skin is better protected from UV exposure.

So whether you need prescription glasses or not, sunglasses will surely help to protect from excessive squinting in the sun, (important for driving too) and also helping prevent harmful ultraviolet damage.

So over to the actual skincare of the delicate eye area. We all know you cannot exfoliate the eye area generally, and yet the dead skin cells still gather there, the eye area takes quite a beating with make up and makeup removers, regardless of whether it's micellar water or cleansing oil.

A Beautiful Worlds favourite cleansing solutions, tips and routines for eyes:

  1. Remove Your Make-Up

Organic cotton eye cleansing pads. Great for the environment and perfect for cleansing without dragging the skin. Much better than chemically grown cotton wool pads. Machine washable and completely reusable. 

I am a massive fan of Josh Rosebrooks Herbal Cleansing Oil, especially for removing makeup naturally.

  1. Cleanse

The Konjac Sponge Co Face Puff cleanses and exfoliates very delicately, removing all traces of impurities and the massaging effect helps to drain away excess fluid and puffiness. It preps the skin for makeup, and the makeup sits better and lasts longer too. A true winner of a beauty product with over 35 awards to the brand. There is a sponge for different skin types, whether it is dry, sensitive, oily, or normal.


You can use the sponge on its own, or with your favourite cleanser. But you will always use less cleanser with a sponge, as the sponge makes the cleanser work harder and go further.

I do love the fresh fragrance of the limited edition Yuli Halcyon Rose.

  1. Treat



For Early Signs of Aging.

Indie Lee I-Waken

For Dark Circles and Puffiness.


  1. Sleep

Okioki pillow, for hydrating the skin with hyaluronic acid and keeping the head sufficiently raised whilst plumping the skin. The pillow holds the hyaluronic acid and lasts for over 4 years. It's like having a facial treatment whilst you sleep.

Double up with the Okioki eye mask, which is the equivalent to 120 face masks. The hyaluronic infused fabric helps the skin absorb moisture, helping to lock in hydration. Hyaluronic acid is known as the "Fountain of Youth" 


If these do not offer enough hyaluronic acid for your HA addiction, there is also Yuli Ambosia...literally youth in a bottle!


5. Focus on Lashes

Paying attention to your lashes will truly help disguise a less than perfect or overtired under-eye complexion.

ABW loves Plume Lash and Brow Serum, because long lush lashes will make your eyes look more open and impart the big-eyed look. Plume has created this amazing serum, full of pure and natural ingredients, which boost hair health and growth, for longer and stronger lashes (and brows too)!

Should you want to take that to an entire show-stopping effect, there is always the True Glue lashes and vegan glue too.

Whether you use artificial lashes or you like to flutter your own naturally. Keeping lashes healthy and clean is also important, so always cleanse thoroughly and once in a while, you can give them their own natural and vegan shampoo, after all, you shampoo your hair. 

So those are our top tips to help you keep the twinkle and sparkle. Keep your eyes bright and don't forget to check in with the optician too!

Over sensitive skin, eczema, allergies can also be problematic. Natural skincare solutions, sun protection and reducing known irritants will also help. Thankfully here at ABW, we focus on natural, so have confidence in the brands we offer.