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Reusable Organic Cotton Rounds. Yes, that's right, reusable cotton pads for all of your makeup-removing, toner-applying needs.

Ultra-absorbent and handmade in Toronto, ON. Use these as an alternative to disposable cotton rounds and help protect our environment!

The machine-washable rounds are sold as a set of fifteen and come with a small drawstring laundry bag. The idea is that you use the organic, rounds to remove makeup or apply cleanser or toner, and then place them in the mini laundry bag and toss into the wash. Just fabulous!

How it works

If you use two or three cotton balls a day, this comes out to about a year-and-a-half’s worth of disposable cotton (and around £30) that you’re saving from the landfill. 

How to use it

Best used for applying skincare products (toner and essence) and removing light makeup.

To wash, put used cotton rounds in the mesh bag and add them to your usual laundry load. Lay flat to dry and reuse!

What's inside

Included is a wash bag and 15 reusable cotton rounds in a minimalist design digitally printed on 100% organic cotton.

Beauty duty

  • Cotton rounds are cut to standard 2.5" in diameter
  • Mesh bag measures 5" x 7"

  • NOTE: Please note that all cotton rounds are handmade in their Toronto studio. Prints are digitally printed using water and plant-based inks and fabric is pre-shrunk. Product may differ slightly in appearance and colour depending on the batch. Additionally,  cotton rounds can be used to remove makeup however, as with all reusable cotton rounds, heavy makeup removal may stain the cotton rounds.

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