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Eco Cotton Rounds

by S.W. Basics

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Eco Cotton Rounds

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Reusable Organic Cotton Rounds. Yes, that's right, reusable cotton pads for all of your makeup-removing, toner-applying needs.

The machine-washable rounds are sold as a set of eight (one for every day of the week, plus an extra, just in case) and come with a small drawstring laundry bag. The idea is that you use the certified-organic, unbleached rounds to remove makeup or apply cleanser or toner, and then place them in the mini laundry bag and toss into the wash. Just fabulous! They're sold out in the US, so make sure you get on the Waitlist now...launching mid Oct.

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How it works

If you use two or three cotton balls a day like we do, this comes out to about a year-and-a-half’s worth of disposable cotton (and around £30) that you’re saving from the landfill. 

How to use it

Use cotton rounds to apply Cleanser, Toner, and Makeup Remover, then place in laundry bag and toss in the wash. Repeat until environment's condition improves.

What's inside

    • 8 x reusable cotton rounds from GOTS-Certified Organic, unbleached cotton. 

Beauty duty

Cotton farming is pretty nasty for the environment. So SW Basics have found some awesome makers in the USA to make us these incredible, completely reusable cotton rounds.


  • 8 x reusable cotton rounds from GOTS-Certified Organic, unbleached cotton. 


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