International Women's Day - Women owned brands at A Beautiful World

As a woman owned company ourselves, we really appreciate and support our fellow ladies in the beauty industry. A common theme you will find amongst all the inspiring women featured here is that each of them created a solution off the back of a problem or noticeable gap in the market. This day of celebration is a good excuse for us to shine a light on their achievements and it may encourage you to treat yourselves in the process!


Indie Lee

Indie has a truly astonishing back story which led her to becoming the eponymous owner of one of the world’s most successful all natural, eco luxe brands. Diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008 she learnt the cause was ‘environmentally derived’. With that she realised she needed to be looking beyond just what she was putting inside her body, out of that her skincare line was born. We were the first retailer in the UK to stock the brand and have been in love with her collection from the get go!


Lizzie King – Lizzie Loves Inc

They say women often wear many hats and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to Lizzie. She is a best-selling author, blogger, nutritional health coach and mum of 3! Her brand Lizzie Loves Inc is a set of innovative natural remedies specifically created for children (although adults can use them too!) She found there to be lack of options available when it came to supporting her children’s health so decided to make her own in true boss lady style! The all-natural powders come in single serve compostable sachets and can simply be added to water.

Theresa Edward – Skin Alchemists

Following a trip back to her homeland of St Lucia, Theresa was inspired to take up a more holistic lifestyle after experiencing the benefits from going back to basics, connecting with nature and caring for her body, inside out. She wanted to formulate products that reflected her family rituals, using botanicals to treat skin conditions. This would see Theresa go on to launch Skin Alchemists. Nutrient dense, unrefined products that incorporate sensory elements to encourage the user to slow down and take moment with their skin.


Susie Hatton – Chocolate Sun

Bringing the first organic sunless tanning solution to the market, Susie worked with a botanical chemist to come up with this unique formula. She began building her brand out of a small studio in Santa Monica, success was always on the cards for this pioneering tanning method, it quickly got recognition from Los Angeles locals and industry experts popularity soared! Now with a cult following and a notable collection of products sold worldwide, Susie has successfully achieved ‘Nature’s Healthy Tan’!


Lauren Bilon – Plume

This brand has taken the natural beauty world by storm with their lash enhancing products and it’s all down to Lauren’s experience from losing her lashes post birth. After many unsuccessful attempts at finding something to help them grow back she decided to take things into her own hands. Working with a Master Cosmetic Chemist she was able to develop a proprietary magical formula. Their lash and brow enhancing serum is a must buy for healthier brows and lashes.


Michele Riley – Konjac Sponge Company

With a background in natural and organic baby products, Michele entered the beauty industry simply by chance. Upon looking for a natural sponge that was gentle enough for baby skin she came across something similar to a today’s konjac sponge in Asia. This took her on a journey to discovering the Konjac plant and its wonderful benefits. Realising there was a gap in the market for this versatile Korean ingredient, she went on to develop the first of its kind award winning Konjac Sponge.


Adina Grigore – S.W. Basics

Not afraid of hard work, Adina began experimenting in her Brooklyn based kitchen and at craft markets in 2008. All while holding down more than one job and studies in holistic nutrition! She has brought something unique to the market with SW Basics - ‘minimal wellness’. Where all products are affordable and comprise of 5 ingredients or less, proving natural skincare doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.


Emily Lyons - True Glue

When Emily began noticing that many of the models within her own modelling agency were experiencing allergic reactions to eyelash glue, she had a lightbulb moment. Undertaking further research led her to finding out many women were experiencing this problem and the likely cause being the chemicals within the glue. She set out to offer a solution, a lash glue made out of completely natural ingredients. And that is how we get to True Glue. The first company in the world to launch a ‘safe’ lash glue and a ground-breaking makeup line that is both vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty free!


Yun Li - Yuli

When Yun Li’s severe acne would not improve despite countless medications and treatments, she knew she had to create what she was ultimately looking for. Enrolling herself into education she went on to receive dual degrees in Natural Sciences and Chemistry. From there she went on to work with other talented individuals who bolstered her knowledge which eventually led to developing one of the most innovative skincare brands in the green beauty arena.


‘Here’s to strong women, May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them’ - Unknown