We asked some of our favourite people to pick their three fave abeautifulworld products. 


1. Schmidt Deodorant
It actually works! Most natural deodorants are great for home or nothing too strenuous, but I've been wearing this everyday for two weeks now and haven't once had to reach for the Dove! 

2. SW Basics Shea Butter
This was one of the first ABW products I tried and I've been forever hooked. Such gorgeous thick consistency, softens super easily to sort out dry heels and any patches of skin that need a little TLC. 

3. The Chocolate Sun 
My secret weapon come Spring. I start applying just a little as I ease out legs and arm from beneath the winter layers. It's soft, sublte and delicious smelling.


1. Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow 
I love Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow as its two of my favourite things, chocolate and tanned skin! 
2. Helen Dowsley Favourite Lashes
They elongate the eye and look great with a fifties style flick!
3. Yarok Feed Your Youth Hair Oil
I love this product, I use just a couple of drops on the ends of the hair to smooth and treat dry ends, it's also a great overnight pre shampoo treatment! 



My top three celebration beauty picks would have to be:
1. Chocolate Sun's all natural Cocoa Glow. It just won Best Self-Tanner in the 2016 Beauty Shortlist Awards. The scent is great and the healthy, flawless colour it gives is even more impressive.
2. For a super-fresh summer morning shower, The Body Deli's Moroccan Mint Wash is deliciously minty, it's a great wake-up body wash, just writing about it makes me want to reorder it...
3. On the skincare front, Dahliana's cherry and fruit juice stem cell-based Overnight Fruit Lift Creme is a personal stand-out for me - you apply a thick layer before you hit the pillow, then it's hello dewier, noticeably softer, perfectly makeup-prepped skin when the alarm goes off!


1. Dahliana Overnight Fruit Lift
I love this product as it makes my skin feel amazing! I’ve used this for nearly three years and it gives your face such a beautiful, natural, healthy glow! It also smells amazing and it lasts for ages!
2. The Body Deli Firming Flax Eye Cream
This product is awesome! Not only does it really firm up your eyes, it make the skin underneath brighter, fresher and much more fabulous!
3. Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator
This product is amazing for freshening up your skin in just a quick spritz, and I just love it. A must have for beauty accessory for a busy city life!



My three favourite products from ABW are;

1. Josh Rosebrook Tinted Day Cream Josh Rosebrook's moisturiser is perfect for evening out my skin tone and adding a slight glow to my skin in the morning

2. The Body Deli Blueberry Fusion Micro Scrub The Body Deli Blueberry scrub helps to buff away dry skin, revealing radiant and soft skin underneath.

3. Anything Indie Lee – although if I had to choose, it would be the Squalane Oil. 



1. Dahliana Wildflower Youth Serum - a lightweight serum which absorbs instantly onto the skin firming and moisturising with a delicious fruity floral scent.
2. Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime Stick - simply the best natural deodorant I've ever used! Leaves me feeling fresh all day long and available in an enticing range of scents.
3. Marble & Milkweed Nourishing Organic Body Oil - I absolutely adore this nourishing body oil which is scented with rose otto and cardamon. I also love that you can also add a few drops to your bath.

1. Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator - This nifty mist is unlike any other I have laid my hands on before. Its natural vanilla scent wins you over instantly, making it somewhat difficult to stop at a couple of spritzes. Because of the mix between hydrating botanicals like aloe and moisturising oils of coconut and grapeseed, I love to use it mostly as a primer and makeup setter.

2. Olivine Love + Salt - Why should you limit the goodness that is beach hair to summer only? I do very little with my hair when it comes to styling, so this beach in a bottle is my go-to for adding a little texture and movement. With natural wonders like Pink Himalayan Salt and a gorgeous glass bottle, what's not to love?

3. Yarok Feed Your Ends - I'm difficult to please when it comes to hair products, but this is yet another gem from ABW which my locks love. With fine, straight hair which is on the longer side, knots are a constant battle of mine. However, a few spritzes of this onto my mane when it's wet not only makes it easier to brush through, but leaves it silky smooth and nourished too.