As the invites start to arrive, and the diary gets jam packed with fabulous parties, here's our five tricks to stay looking fabulous this party season...

1.  Get prepared. Start each day with the juice of one organic lemon squeezed into a pint of water. This will alkalise your body and help detox your liver. Take a Valia Bloom tablet three times at day for every day of Dec. They'll work like an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory to help the body fight free radicals and generally keep you feeling ship shape.


2.  Keep Skin Hydrated. We know time in tight so stick to quick fixes that will boost your beauty in no time. We love Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator or BRAD Anti-Fatigue Mist. Carry these with you at all times and apply throughout the day. You'll look fresh and fabulous.


3. Nail It. You'll need nails that will go from desk to disco, we love INTENSAE GRACE as a base, then a layer of INTENSAE MUSE, sealed with their fabulous topcoat. These nails will last, and go with pretty much every outfit option.


4. Go big or go home. Big hair is a must have for party season. Go for a look that will last a few days. Wear it down on day one with big loose curls, and in a sleek low pony with heigh on top for day two, then in a fbaulous up for with hair jewels for day three. We love Yarok Feed Your Roots coupled with Yarok Feed Your Hold to get hair high, and then Love + Salt Hair Mist to add texture and longevity.


5. The morning after the night before. Good night? Perhaps a bit too much of a good night? No fear.....time for some TLC. Grab some Collagen Paper Face Mask (pop them in the fridge the night before), run a warm bath, and add Marble&Milkweed Body Oil. This will hydrate your skin and soothe your head. While in the bath apply the Collagen Face Mask and leave on for 15minutes. Layer on SW Basics Cream all over your body. For face apply Indie Lee Co-Q10 Toner to refresh, and then Dahliana Cell Renewal Creme in a thick layer. Both are rich in natural collagen boosting Co-Enzyme Q10 and will nourish and revive tired skin. You'll soon be back to your fabulous self.



Happy party season all - see you on the dance floor!