We are delighted and honoured that the very fabulous Laura Jane Session aka TheOrganicMakeupArtist has given us her 5 stage guide to applying false lashes. 

With a lifelong passion for make-up, Laura is Make-up Artist and Designer who over the course of 18 years has worked in all aspects of the make-up industry and now principally works in television, commercials and advertising. She has an extensive client list that includes many well know artists and personalities. Laura is passionate about organics and the natural alternatives to mainstream products. Laura began writes the very fabulous natural and organic make-up blog  Organicmakeupartist.blogspot.co.uk 

How to...fake lashes. How the experts do it...

Step One

Begin by flexing the lashes to ensure they are eye shaped (some packaging flattens the lashes), then hold the strip in position to check that they are not too long for your eye. If the lashes are too long you will need to carefully cut the strip with a pair of nail scissors to make them more comfortable. 

Top Tip: Cutting from the inside corner will ensure you don't loose the drama of the lash, however cutting from the outside can scale down otherwise oversized lashes.


Step Two

If you are planning on wearing eyeliner then it is best to apply this beforehand to help disguise the lash line. Lashes with a thicker band won’t necessarily need eyeliner however those with a thin or invisible band will. Using a pair of eyelash curlers, curl your natural lashes and apply your mascara; this will help open up the eyes and ensure your false lashes have a sturdy base to rest on.

Step Three

Carefully holding the lashes with a pair of tweezers, run a fine line of True Glue eyelash adhesive along the band using the brush enclosed, making sure you avoid getting any on the lashes themselves. Leave them to air dry for about 15-30 seconds until the glue goes slightly tacky, then you are ready to apply.

Top Tip: The longer you leave the glue to dry, the less time you have to move the lash around so if you are unsure then give the glue less drying time before applying.


Step Four 

Still holding the lash with your tweezers, carefully lay it on top of your natural lashes as close to your lash line as possible. Apply the lash band to the centre of the eyelid first to ensure it is in the right place before pushing down the inner and outer corners. Try not to apply the lash too close to the inner corner of your eye as this will be uncomfortable to wear and will increase the chance of the lash working loose.


Step Five

Once the lash is in place, press lashes at each end for a few moment to ensure they have bonded to the skin and then use your thumb and forefinger to gently squeeze the natural and false lashes together - this will help position the lashes correctly. If you feel you need it, finish by applying a very light coat of mascara to the underside of the lashes to help bring the lashes together and give a more natural look.

Top Tip: Pick your lashes carefully. Some lash designs suit certain eye shapes and make-up styles more than others, for instance; those with deep set eyes will benefit from lashes that are longer in the centre than the outer corner. Lashes that are longer on the outer corner look better with a cat eye or winged make-up, where as a rounded Smokey eye looks best with a lash that is a similar length all over. Check out the full range of Helen Dowsley lashes here, plus the fabulous True Glue here.  


Removal / Care

  • False lashes are easy to remove and can be used again if cared for properly.
  • Soak a piece of cotton wool with eye make-up remover and hold on the eye for a few moments to loosen the lashes and then starting from the outer corner, carefully peel back the strip.
  • Use a cotton bud to work a little remover under any stubborn areas and gently prise off the strip.
  • Once you have removed the lash, remove any excess glue and then return to the original box ready to use again.