So it's time to go natural *head fills with questions*. Does that mean I'll have to make it all myself? Will it smell? Do products work without all the chemicals??? No fear, you can still look super glam, use amazing products but without having to load your body up with nasty toxins. Think of it like food for your're going's better for you, has brilliant results, and you'll look fab.


1. One in one out. Don't try to switch everything all on one day. As you get to the end of a product you're currently using just start to look for a natural alternative, then swap in products as you go. You'll soon have a full set of fabulous natural skincare.


2. Less is more. When picking products make sure you read the label. Simplicity is often the key - you don't need products crammed with a long list of chemicals. Look for simple, natural skin and haircare with just a few ingredients.


3 The science bit. There are some really powerful active natural ingredients out there. Do a bit of swotting up, read what sort of natural ingredients suit your needs. For anti-ageing look for hyaluronic acid or Squalane oil, or for gentle yet effective skincare look for products with calendula. In haircare Yarrow oil is great to defrizz, while beetroot adds volume.


4. Don't compromise. This isn't about giving anything up or sacrifice. There are some stunning products out there that are natural, give amazing results and look fabulous on your bathroom shelf. 


5. Glamour takes time, darling.  Don't expect to see immediate results. Your skin will take a few weeks to detox and get used to going natural. After about 2 weeks it will probably go through a bit of a panic and you may get break outs, this is just your body detoxing. After that you'll start to look more and more beautiful each day. Yay!