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True-Glue The Everyday Lash Collection - Ruby Tuesday

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Beautiful results for...

Stunning everyday natural looking lashes. Those that make people wonder if they are real or not! Suitable for every day, every evening and every night of the week.

The best in eco-luxe lashes. Bat your lashes worry-free. Cruelty-Free, Eco-Friendly and made from pure silk.

100% silk lashes. The band is on a hand-made cotton thread for easy peasy application. Re-use up to 20 applications per lash.   

How it works

Lightweight lashes that work brilliantly with True Glue Adhesive.

How to use it

Apply a thin layer of true glue lash adhesive to the band of the lash. Allow it to dry slightly and get tacky (around 30 seconds). Apply to the base of your natural lashes.

What's inside

100% Non-GMO Beauty. Paraben and Sulfate Free. Made from pure natural silk and cotton.

Beauty duty

Stunning lashes for the ultimate plastic free flutter. Have you ever thought where all those plastic polymer-based eyelashes end up? Eco-friendly, guilt-free lashes!

  • Pure natural cruelty-free silk, and cotton