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Spirit Awakens - Aromatherapy Butter Bar

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”I Trust My Intuition”

Third eye chakra strengthening aromatherapy body butter bar

High-quality body butter bar for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. Made with organic cocoa butter and organic coconut oil to nourish and soften dry skin. Arctic blackcurrant seed oil rich in essential fatty acids offers antioxidant protection.


How it works.

The third eye chakra is the sixth energy center of the body, located between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead. The sixth chakra is the center of intuition, creativity, spiritual aims, dreams and meditation. When the third eye chakra is in balance, the mind is clear, open and focused. There is no need to raise one’s ego or to judge others. One relies deeply on intuition and senses. The colour of chakra is indigo blue.

Blockages in the third eye chakra can manifest as memory disorders, a lack of self-discipline, and difficulties in seeing the deeper meaning in life. When this chakra is overactive, the connection between the heart and the head is blocked or broken. One’s behaviour can be emphasized by insensitiveness, intelligence and greed for power. Use SPIRIT AWAKENS products to open and strengthen the third eye chakra.

How to use it.

Natural waxes keep the bar firm and easy to use. Massage the butter bar directly on dry skin or soften a small piece between hands before applying on the skin.

What's inside.

For SPIRIT AWAKENS, selected essential oils clarify the third eye chakra; sandalwood, neroli, grapefruit, vanilla and vetiver. These luxurious essential oils encourage the mind to unwind and let go of stress. Soothing scent strengthens the ability to receive guidance from your inner self.

Organic sesame seed oil, organic coconut oil, sunflower wax, organic rice wax, organic cocoa butter, arctic blackcurrant seed oil, organic sandalwood essential oil, organic neroli essential oil, organic vanilla extract, organic grapefruit essential oil, organic vetiver root essential oil, organic strawberry extract, organic coconut extract, organic rosemary leaf (antioxidant) extracted in organic sunflower seed oil.