Josh Rosebrook

Organic Cotton Cleansing Rounds

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SKU: JR 1598


Beautiful results for...

Josh Rosebrook cotton rounds are made in a Fair Trade factory using 100% certified organic carbon-neutral cotton. The beauty of this product starts with high-quality cotton loomed by master weavers and continues through the manufacturing process and labor standards, which ensures fair wages and healthcare for the workers who made it as well as a cleaner environment for all of us.

Replace your wipes, prevent landfill and reuse these gorgeous cotton cleansing pads!

How to use it

Best used for applying skincare products (toner and essence) and removing makeup.

To wash, put used cotton rounds in the mesh bag and add them to your usual laundry load. Lay flat to dry and reuse!

What's inside

Josh Rosebrook's reusable cotton rounds are 3" in diameter and made from unbleached and undyed 100% Certified Organic carbon neutral cotton. Each set includes 10 rounds in a carbon-neutral, 100% organic cotton mesh pouch.

Beauty duty 

  • Ethical, eco and effective.
  • Cotton rounds are cut to standard 3" in diameter

    • organic cotton