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Organic Baby Luxe Gift Set

by Enfance Paris

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Organic Baby Luxe Gift Set

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A Beautiful Gift for babies aged 0 - 3yrs (and mums too)...

A beautiful boxed gift with three gorgeous gifts for babies aged 0-3 years who love the very best in organic bathtime treats. 

Enfance Paris Protective Soothing Boxes soap. An ultra rich organic soap, perfect for the daily use of the 0 to 3 years old. The organic Shea butter, and organic vegetable oils of Camelina and Coconut naturally nourish and protect children’s skin and scalp. Organic essential oil of Officinal Lavender brings calming and soothing virtues.

Enfance Paris gentle soothing Shampoo. An innovative formula with a composition reduced to the bare essentials to thoroughly wash the hair of children according to their age group: an extra gentle cleansing base, free of any texturising agents or silicone, with effective and aromatic organic active ingredients. Gentle Shampoo: Liquid Formula. Perfectly adapted to the baby’s hair.

Konjac baby bath sponge is a gentle natural sponge to delicately cleanse babies skin.

Plus some gorgeous luxe mini samples

- Enfance Paris Gentle Shampoohttps://abeautifulworld.co.uk/collections/baby/products/enfance-paris-gentle-shampoo-0-3-yrs

- Enfance Paris Boxed Soaphttps://abeautifulworld.co.uk/collections/baby/products/enfance-paris-protective-soothing-soap

- Konjac Baby Bath sponge https://abeautifulworld.co.uk/collections/baby/products/konjac-baby-bath-sponge

- Erbaivia Baby Wash bag (mini set of three) https://abeautifulworld.co.uk/collections/baby/products/erbaviva-baby-washbag

- Mini Calm Balm https://abeautifulworld.co.uk/products/calm-balm-1

- Mini Indie Lee Chamomile and Lave Oil https://abeautifulworld.co.uk/products/lavender-chamomile-moisturising-oil

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Very few hair companies can say that every one of their products meets 100% of all vegan requirements. Yarok's entire vegan hair care line is also free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates and gluten.


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