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One With Universe - Aromatherapy Butter Bar

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"I Listen to the Wisdom of Universe"

Crown chakra clarifying aromatherapy body butter bar

High-quality body butter bar for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin. Made with organic cocoa butter and organic coconut oil to nourish and soften dry skin. Arctic bilberry seed oil offers antioxidant protection.

60 g


How it works. 

The crown chakra is the seventh and final energy center of the body, located on the top of the head. The crown chakra is our gateway to the higher states of consciousness, a centre of absolute knowledge, spirituality, peace, oneness and pure freedom from everything that restrains us. Opening the crown chakra requires absolute surrendering to divine energy. A carrier of a balanced crown chakra is serene, fearless and truly one with the Universe. The colour of this chakra is violet with flashes of white and gold.

To encourage the opening of the crown chakra, introspection, meditation and yoga are recommended. You can also use lotus oil, flowers, incense, amethyst gemstones and ONE WITH UNIVERSE products to help you on your path towards the true knowledge.

How to use it.

Natural waxes keep the bar firm and easy to use. Massage the butter bar directly on dry skin or soften a small piece between hands before applying on the skin.

What's inside.

For ONE WITH UNIVERSE, we selected essential oils that clarify the crown chakra; litsea cubeba and frankincense. These essential oils help to cleanse yourself from negative thoughts and connect with the Universe.

Organic sesame seed oil, organic coconut oil, sunflower wax, organic rice wax, organic cocoa butter, arctic bilberry seed oil, organic litsea cubeba essential oil, organic frankincense essential oil, organic rosemary leaf (antioxidant) extracted in organic sunflower seed oil.