Mr Incredible (Serum/Shave)

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Beautiful results for...

A revolutionary shave oil – serum hybrid.

Designed to give a smooth, effortless, clean shave while reducing irritation to skin, and damage to the skin’s protective barrier. 

How it works

Mr. Incredible soothes irritated skin, disinfects cuts, provides deep hydration, restores balance, encourages healthy cell function in new skin cells, and shields skin with an all-natural nutrient infused barrier. Skin is left supple, and soft while face is smooth and clean.

    How to use it

    • Cleanse skin
    • Apply 2-3 pumps to hand
    • Massage onto face until fully absorbed
    • Shave
    • Apply after shaving

    What's inside

    Bioidentical oils of Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Grapeseed oil.

      Beauty duty

      YULI sustainably cultivate and harvest many of their own ingredients in multiple climate zones. This gives them unprecedented access to control the quality of the raw plant material and allows for them to practice made-to-order production for unrivalled freshness.  

      YÜLI doesn't have a press budget, they invest back into their line. This includes equipment upgrades, agricultural expansion, production enhancement, and user experience improvement to enhance their capabilities and better serve you.

      YULI do their utmost to be socially responsible. They are proud to have a carbon neutral footprint, rely on renewable energy and work with partners who implement sustainable and ethical practices. Their packaging is bio-degradable, reusable and recyclable to minimise waste. They are also a cruelty free company and do not work with any labs that test on animals.


      S. chinensis (Jojoba) oil*, A. spinosa (Argan) oil*, V. vinifera (Grape) seed oil, Proprietary blend of organic & wildcrafted supercritical & essential oils

      * Organic


      Bioidentical oils of

      Argan Oil: This lightweight oil is also called “liquid gold”, due to its high levels of Vitamin E, antioxidants and a comprehensive lipid profile. Argan oil is hydrating and nourishing, with reparative and replenishing qualities. Argan has been shown to calm irritation, protect again environmental stress, and rejuvenate skin.

      Jojoba Oil: A balancing, multitasking, silky oil rich in skin nourishing lipids, peptides, and natural antioxidant Vitamin E with unique bio-identical properties to the healthy sebum profile in our own natural skin barrier.

      Grapeseed Oil: Derived from antioxidant-rich wine grapes, this emollient oil is rich in skin supporting compounds including linoleic acid, oleic acid, lauric acid and other key essential fatty acids. Its fluid silky texture is non-pore clogging and protects skin from dryness and irritation.