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Konjac Wave Pure White Body Sponge

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Beautiful results for...

The 6 Wave Konjac Body Sponge is designed to gently exfoliate the body and soothe and cleanse all over. Gently exfoliating and sloughing off tired dead skin cells and helping reduce blemishes, ingrown hairs and generally keeping the skin in tip top condition. Your skin will feel smooth, and supple after use. Perfect to look beautifully polished from head to toe.

How it works

The body wave has all the same benefits of the Facial sponges. Skin is gently massaged, stimulating blood flow and growth of new skin calls. Skin is left feeling clean, fresh and glowing.

How to use it

Use your usual cleansing wash or just the sponge alone for a deeply cleansed and glowing skin

What's inside

100% pure plant fibres from Konjac which leaving the skin extremely clean and refreshed…..naturally! No need for additional cleansers or soaps.

Beauty duty

The sponge itself made from 100% natural vegetable fibre and is 100% biodegradable. It’s free from artificial colouring and if cared for will up to last three months.

  • 100% Pure plant fibre