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Gentle organic shaving soap contains soothing arctic heather

Allow this soap’s soft foam to gently soften your skin. Bentonite clay helps to create a smooth surface on your skin, allowing your razor to glide effortlessly. Arctic heather is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and forest-scented essential oils help to soothe your skin post-shave. With added moisturising organic coconut oil and shea butter, this soap helps to soften dry skin. A great choice for men and women!


How to use it

To use, lather the soap directly onto your skin or apply with a shaving brush.

This shave bar is gentle enough for daily use and also suitable for shaving the bikini area. Doesn’t make the skin dry. Always remember to use a fresh razor to avoid skin irritation or folliculitis.

What's inside

Arctic heather used in this soap comes from Kemijärvi, Lapland

Handmade from high quality organic plant oils, the soaps are cold processed so that they are packed with natural glycerin, a luxurious way to moisturise your skin. Because of the cold process used, lots of natural, active ingredients, like herbs, berries, clays and salts can be added. In typical industrial soap-making practices, this isn’t possible. Each soap is sulfate-free and packaged with zero plastic. Your soap will arrive in a beautiful printed cardboard box that can be recycled.

• Organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, glycerin, water, organic castor oil, bentonite clay, organic lavandin (hybrid class of lavender) essential oil, wild grown dried arctic heather flowers, organic bergamot essential oil, organic lemongrass essential oil, ultramarine pink iron oxide (colour), essential oil from wild grown arctic juniper, organic vetiver root essential oil, organic sandalwood essential oil, organic vanilla bean extract, organic rosemary leaf (antioxidant) extracted in organic sunflower seed oil