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Heather - Herbal Hair Rinse For Normal And Dry Hair

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Beautiful results for...

A great choice for dry hair and scalp!

Enjoy naturally healthy, shiny hair with apple cider vinegar, arctic heather (from Finnish Lapland) flower extract, rosemary herb, and essential oils of lemon, chamomile and sandalwood. Our Heather Hair Rinse treats especially dry, coarse or stressed hair, as well as dry, sensitive and stressed scalp.

Preservative free

250 ml



How it works. 

You can use our hair rinse in place of a conditioner after every wash. We recommend using hair rinses after washing the hair with shampoo soap bar to achieve the best results. Hair rinse will help remove possible soap residues from hair and return the natural pH of your scalp and hair.

How to use it.

Shake the bottle well and then mix about 10-20 ml of the concentrated hair rinse (add more depending on the condition of your hair) into 100-200ml warm water. For short hair, half of this amount is enough. Before applying the rinse, wash hair with a shampoo bar, rinse well and towel dry. Apply the diluted hair rinse onto the hair. The rinse can be left in as a conditioner or washed out.

Apple cider vinegar, organic lemon essential oil, arctic heather, organic rosemary, organic sandalwood essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil.