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Mauvaises Graines French Wild Flower Gift Tins

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We love these gorgeous wildflower Gift tins. A beautiful can of all that's needed (except water!) to grow French Wildflowers on your window sill and you transplant them to a garden or window box later.

Choose from:

De Folie Melange de Printemps (translates as Madness Spring Mix)

Fleurs De Montagne  (translates as Mountain Flowers)

Roses Tremieres  (French Hollyhocks)

    How it works. 

    The gift of nature...better than chocolate!

    How to use it.

    Prepare the box to sow 

    Open the box and empty it of its contents.  

     Place the circle of peat at the bottom of the box and pour 20 cl of water. Allow the water to soak for an hour. The peat will grow 7 times its volume. Separate the lumps at the end of the process.

    How to sow wildflower seeds

    • Broadcast seeds on the surface

    • Firm the soil on the surface with the seeds

    • Once the sowing is finished, water immediately in fine rain using a sprayer. Water the first 4 days for germination, then, once a week for a month after sowing.

     Flowering period

     • Flowering will take place 6 to 8 weeks later for some.

    PS: You can transplant your plants in a larger pot or in the ground for the optimal development of your flowers.

    Sowing of hollyhock:

     It is recommended to sow hollyhock in spring and summer in a mixture of garden soil and potting soil.

    • Hollyhocks like borders and low walls.

    • Keep a distance of at least 30 cm between each seed.

    • Sow 2 to 3 seeds per spot.

    • Water in a fine rain regularly to keep the soil slightly moist.

    • Flowering usually takes place the year after sowing.

    Care of hollyhocks:

     The hollyhock, once well established, is virtually maintenance-free. It draws the water it needs from the soil and can live in difficult conditions.

     • Remove faded flowers as you go along to stimulate the appearance of new flowers.

    • Cut off the stems at the end of the season; they will naturally grow back on their own the following year.

    • In areas with cooler winters, protect the plant with mulch.

    • Note that in windy regions, it is advisable to stake your hollyhocks to prevent them from collapsing.

    PS: all sowing can be done in the pot provided.

    What's inside.

    Each can has a ring pull, pellet of compost, and pack of French wild seeds.

    Each tin is a full-sized (standard baked bean size!) tin with beautiful graphics.

    Beauty duty


    MauvaisesGraines collects part of its seeds by hand in Charente-Maritime. For plant varieties from other regions, they source supplies from local seed producers in France.

    • A gift kit of natural wild flowers in a can