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Favourites Lashes

by Helen Dowsley

(Product code: PC55156)

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We have been on the hunt for the perfect lashes for a while now, so we were delighted to find these Ethically sourced beauties by Helen Dowsley.

Helen Dowsley is one of Australia's leading and most exciting make-up talents. She  is the woman all the stars turn to for the most effortlessly glamorous look on TV and on the red carpet. Her lashes are renowned across the southern hemisphere, and we're delighted to be launching them here in the UK. They are hand-made, ethically sourced false lashes that are super-lightweight and easy to wear.

Laura Whitemore is a big fan, and so are we. 



Favourites lashes give a beautiful eyeliner effect plus gives illusion that you have an almond eye, lush


Please note that these lashes do not come with adhesive, we would recommend the fabulous True-Glue, coming soon to ABW


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