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Beautiful results for...

french violet + patchouli + white grapefruit + rock rose

witch hazel + rock rose floral water

Skin Conditions: Acne, oily, inflamed, redness, sensitive, congested, mature, eczema, thread veins.

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: An omnipotent anti-wrinkle treatment, plumping cells all while purifying the skin.

How it works

+ Rock Rose Hydrolat a powerful anti-wrinkle treatment exhibiting micro cluster behavior in the way it plumps cells + smoothes fine lines.

+ Patchouli in skin care it offers an action on the regeneration of cells, moistening + cooling tissues. Works well on inflamed skin conditions.

+ White Grapefruit in skin care it is ideal for treating oily + broken out skin, as well as having a tonic effect.

+ French Violet has emollient properties that deeply moisturize skin. In addition, its decongestant + antiseptic properties give good results in treating acne + caring for oily skin.

Energetics: Warm and sweet, grounding, slightly stimulation to self-esteem and creating euphoria.

How to use it

Can be combined with face serums to assist in blending. Use throughout day + night to calm the nervous system, perfume the body + hydrate skin.

What's inside

french violet + patchouli + white grapefruit + rock rose

witch hazel + rock rose floral water

Beauty duty

Khus Khus use nothing but 100% botanical ingredients, nothing harmful, formulated for particular actions. We formulate to assist the body in calming the nervous system and enhancing the skin this also assist in the regulation of the immune system, we believe plants heal, that is healthy plants heal. Phyto-Medicine is the future of health and skin care.

KHUS+KHUS use miron violet glass bottles to keep our ingredients fresh, and craft our oils from the highest quality plants available. Formulas are non-GMO, 99% organic,100% plant based & made with love.

    • *cistus ladaniferus(rock rose)hydrolat,*cistus ladaniferus(rock rose)hydrolat,*hamamelis virginiana(witch hazel extract),*pogostemon cablin(patchouli),*cistus ladaniferus(rock rose),*citrus paradisi(white grapefruit),+viola odorata(violet absolute),*hamamelis virginiana(witch hazel extract) made with eco-cert hydrosols

      NON-GMO certified *denotes organic + sustainably wild harvested

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