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Niaouli and Lavender Aromatic Candle

by Lucy Annabella

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Niaouli and Lavender Aromatic Candle

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Niaouli and Lavender combine their natural healing powers to leave you physically, mentally and emotionally renewed and refreshed.

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How it works

Breathe in this soothing scent to wonderfully restore confidence and self-belief.

How to use it

Treat your candle with love for a wonderful burning experience.

This candle will burn for up to 50 hours if cared for correctly. 
Before your first burn trim the wick. 
Ensure the first burn is at least 4 hours to guarantee a clean burn to the end.
Do not place in a draught or directly onto a wooden, glass or marble surface. 
Keep away from other sources of heat. 
Never leave burning candle unattended. 
Keep out of reach of pets and children.

What's inside

Lucy Annabella's delicately scented candles are created using 100% soya wax, a pure cotton wick and exquisite organic essential oils.

Beauty duty

Lucy Annabella's sourcing and production methods have won accreditation with the Soil Association and the Aromatherapy Trade Council.  They have Zero Carbon Footprint.  Each product is handmade, delicately packaged and sealed with love.


Niaouli Essential Oil & Lavender Essential Oil

Soya Wax, Cotton Wick