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Bee Yummy Honey Mask

by Bee Yummy

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Bee Yummy Honey Mask

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Beautiful results for...

This honey based face treatment will leave your skin totally rejuvenated, and super smooth. Used by many celebrities, make-up artists and skin care professionals. You can apply it for 20-30 minutes and wash it off but people "in the know" leave it on overnight for the most amazing results. As seen in VOGUE.

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How it works

The raw and organic ingredients give skin an intense hit of nutrients and vitamins. This face mask is made from Honey Cappings, Kombucha Mushroom, Royal Jelly and Purified Water, all power players in nourishing and hydrating skin

How to use it

Apply a thin layer onto your face and leave for 20-30 minutes, a little goes a long way. Then rinse it off with warm water. Or, leave it on overnight for even more of a rejuvenating benefit (just use a towel on your pillow). 

What's inside

Honey Cappings are a precious substance that bees make and beekeepers normally keep for themselves. Once the bees cover each chamber of the comb with honey cappings, it will stay fresh for hundreds of years. Honey capping are rich in vitamins and minerals. Plus this sounds a bit creepy, but apparently honey cappings were used in the mummification formula in ancient Egypt.

Kombucha Mushroom helps to balance the skin's pH giving a clearer complexion..

Royal Jelly is known for its hormonal richness and rejuvenative properties.

Beauty duty

Hand harvested and free for any preservatives, heat processing or synthetics.


  • Honey Cappings
  • Kombucha Mushroom
  • Royal Jelly 
  • Purified Water


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