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Bamboo Facial Polishing Powder

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Beautiful results for...

Turn your cleanser into a gentle and effective facial polishing scrub. This organic bamboo polishing powder will leave a smooth glass feel and is excellent for all skin types. This finely ground bamboo powder, mixed with sodium bicarbonate, creates an ultra fine polish to gently exfoliate and reveal softer, smoother, and healthier skin.

How it works

Easy and affordable way to get exfoliation, and it comes in an easy to dispense container. 

How to use it

Sprinkle a generous amount of this powder into one of our three facial cleansers (Sage & Grapefruit, Almond Milk, Rose Geranium and Melon Foaming) and massage the mixture into the skin. Polish gently in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water. 

What's inside

• KEY CLINICAL ACTIVES: Sodium Bicarbonate
• SKIN TYPES: All Skin Types

Beauty duty

  • gently removes dull, rough skin
  • improves circulation
  • decongests blocked pores
  • helps to prevent minor pimples and breakouts
  • easy and affordable exfoliation option 

  • FRESH INGREDIENTS: Bamboo, Sodium Bicarbonate