Organic Bamboo Cotton Buds

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Beautiful results for...

A positive step towards reducing your disposable plastic usage is with UpCircle’s Bamboo Cotton Buds. Made from sustainable bamboo and organic cotton.

These biodegradable bamboo buds are plastic-free and ocean-friendly.

200 pieces per pack

A sustainable source of bamboo and the tips are made with organic cotton.

How it works

A bathroom cabinet staple.

Everyday use for tiny tidy up's, and cleansing. Cotton swabs are perfect for applying and removing makeup, as well as for household uses such as cleaning and arts and crafts. They are also handy for touching up nail polish that gets on the surrounding skin.

How to use it

Use these cotton buds for applying, removing or neatening up makeup. Touching up your nail polish or cleansing tricky tiny areas

Beauty duty

The clue to this beautiful brand is in the name! Up Circle is a very sustainable, affordable, eco-friendly option, offering wonderful skincare results. Ever wondered what happens to the pith and pulp and leftovers from the food industry?

Made from Upcycled goodness such as coffee grounds, vegan and Cruelty-Free certified. Repurposed goodness from the food chain such as peach and other fruit stones, blueberries, bergamot, kiwi and much more. 

Using absolutely no nasty ingredients such as SLS, SLEs, parabens, mineral oil, perfume or sulfates, and always palm oil-free too.

Organic cotton 


Recyclable cardboard box