It's getting chilly out there...time to change up that beauty routine. Here's how...

1.Cool It. Tempting as it is to stick the shower or bath into full on steamy hot mode, try to keep the temperature down. Hot water can be really dehydrating for your skin. Try to wash your face with tepid water, and pat dry. Moisturise your face while it's still slightly damp to lock in moisture.

2. Suits you Serum. As the weather gets colder skin will need more intensive nourishment and protection. Serums are perfect for this, but it's super important to find the right serum for you. Anti-ageing plus protection from city life go for Dahliana Wildflower Serum, Dull skin in need of a winter pick me up, go for The Body Deli Vital C Serum, for hard core hydration Josh Rosebrook Deep Hydrating Serum. If you have any questions about which serum is suitable for you drop us a line anytime at for some advice. 

3. Eye care central. Pay special attention to your eye area over the winter months, an eye cream is a must. We love Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm as it's rich texture offers protection all day long. 

4. Time to get your oil on. Winter is the perfect time for oil based products. The skin is crying out for intensive hydration. After bathing cover yourself top to toe in it. We love the Indie Lee Patchouli Sandalwood oil that smells all warm and Christmassy.

5. No shame in hiding. Big hats, coats with collars, blanket scarves. Luckily these all rock on the fashion stakes, and also keep you skin protected from the harsh effects of the wind/rain/snow. Take a tip from Burberry and keep covered up this winter.