Ok...so we were totally shocked to read some stats about the average number of chemicals in typical high street beauty products. As you probably know skin is the largest organ in our bodies, it's highly absorbent and takes in everything we put on it. The ingredients we put onto our bodies are as important as what we put in. Think of it like food for your skin. Here's what made us fall off our chairs and reach for our S.W Basics!


Over a lifetime we'll consume approximately 1kg of lipstick or gloss (ergh), so it's worth checking what's in it. High street lipsticks and glosses contain an average of 33 chemicals.

Avoid - Polythylene

Why - Links with cancer



Average no. of chemicals - 15

Avoid - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Why - Links with allergies


Nail Varnish 

One of the most toxic beauty products with an average of 31 chemicals per pot. Just think how much it can smell, not good.

Avoid - Phthalates

Why - Link with fertility issues


Fake Tan 

Averaging 22 chemicals per can, and some of the most toxic ones too.

Avoid - DHA

Why - DHA is thought to cause DNA damage and links to cancer



Average number of chemicals - 25

Avoid - Polymethyl Methacylate

Why - Disrupts the immune system and links with cancer


Body Lotion  

Average number of chemicals - 32

Avoid - Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Polyethylene Glycol

Why - Some of these ingredients are also found in oven cleanser (we’re serious!). Can cause rashes, irritation and hormone disruption.


So it's well worth giving everything a quick check before you cover yourself in it head to toe. It's not about compromise, you can still get fantastic results using natural products. In fact, we've found you get even better results. 

You can read more here about ways to detox your skin care here.