The Power of New

On a recent trip to LA the ABW scouts picked up, not just some totally awesome new beauty brands, but also The Power of New. No longer the reign of the new age set, NEWNESS is going mainstream.

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." Eleanor Roosevelt

A great counter to the stresses of modern living, challenge yourself to do new stuff. Here’s five new things we’ve been trying out;

1. Have Adventures. 

Dust down that bike, book that girly afternoon at a Spa, check out that new club, catch a flight somewhere new. Give yourself a mental reboot by doing something different. Be open to a bit of thrill seeking.

2. Take walks/Get lost. 

Simply going for a walk is a great way to calm the mind, and gain new perspectives. Even better getting lost is a great way to get your brain thinking differently. So get those Nike Fly’s on, head out, and take that road that you’ve not tried before…literally

3. New hair. 

Hair always up in a ponytail, that centre parting starting to feel a bit familiar. Try something new with your hair; a different parting, a twisted up do, that halo braid thing (check out our expert tutorials for some inspiration). This is a super easy way to feel a nice and new.

4. New friends. 

Right, so we’ve all got our own great group of friends. We’re not saying be all creepy and start talking to strangers, but instead just be a little friendlier to those people you encounter everyday. Take 5 mins to ask how the people you work with are, say hi to your yoga teacher. You never know they might become your friend ones day. Don’t rush it, but just be open to new people.

5. Stop thinking. 

Go on try it, do it by breath control. Sit somewhere comfy. While you breath in think ‘this is my in breath’ and when you breath out think ‘this is my out breath’. Focus on your breath. Give yourself 5 minutes of calm. You’ll come back to reality feeling all fresh and new

So there you go just some suggestions, but there’s tons of new things to try…go on, we dare you.