Party perfect skin, festive nails, and cool girl hair - we've got all the tips and tricks you need to get your Sparkle on this Party Season;

1. Fast and Loose - Show up in a fantastic dress and messed up hair. We’re talking hair that’s worn down with loose uneven wave and a mussed up finish – it’s classic cool-girl hair. Get the look with Love + Salt salt srpay, coupled Josh Rosebrook Lift and Yarok Hairspray


2. Eye EyeFocus make up on the eyes. If you’re out, you drink, you kiss people, you don’t want to spend all night touching up your lips. Rather than go for full makeup just do a statement sweep of gold over the eyes


    3. A reason for Red - Wear a red dress it will brighten your complexion, making sallow skin seem rosier.

    4. Glow on, scrub up - To keep skin glowing all night give yourself a good all over scrub to remove dead skin before you head out. We love S W Basics Scrub

    5. Get Golden - Tan during winter, yes it’s essential. Check out The Chocolate Sun for the ‘I’m just back from the bahama’s’ look

    6. Let it Shine - Apply Yarok feed your shine to mid lengths and ends of your hair, keep it topped out throughout the night for super shiny locks

    7. Mini's on the move - Pack mini and sample size products to keep yourself looking fabulous throughout the night. Check out the new Yarok mini’s that have just landed, perfect for parties

    8. Stiletto Nails - For a night out you need nails that are super shiny and chip free. Choose a dramiatc red and finish with a high shine topcoat, reapply every two days to keep the glossiness