Summer can leave hair dull and damaged. Here’s our guide to get your lustre back this autumn.

  1. Deep hydration. The trick here is not to rush. When you deep condition hair it’s important to give time for the proteins and lipids to penetrate their hair shaft. After shampooing apply a generous amount of Yarok Feed Your Moisture Mask. Wait. For a min of five mins, ten if you can. Then rinse, then condition to seal in the shine

2. Brighten up. Sunshine, chlorine and heat can leave hair dull. Twice a week add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and pour it over your hair after shampooing and conditioning. Wait five minutes, the rinse. The citric acid clarifies and get’s all lovely and shiny again

3. Move away from the tools. Hairdryers, straigtheners, curlers can scorch the hair leaving it dull and brittle. Towel dry hair to remove as much excess moisture as possible, and apply a heat defence spray before drying (Yarok Feed Your Ends is great), this will help to minimise damage, but best to to have a heat detox and try a week with naturally dried hair

5. All day shine. Find your shine serum, and use it sparinginly. Yarok Feed Your Shine is super concentrated, and you only need a tiny amount. Work the serum across the full palm of the hand, and then ‘clap’ the serum into the hair (hold hair in one hand and then clap/stroke your other hand over it). This will apply a lovely fine coating over the hair, top up little and often, throughout the day to keep your locks super shiny all day long