Women in Asia have some of the best skin the world. Their average routine uses up to 28 stages, coupling time honoured traditions with the latest scientific innovations to create flawless, forever young, skin. Here's the secrets, rituals and products they swear by; 

1. Brush up. Brush your face. Sounds odd but it really works to keep skin toned, remove dead skin cells but also open up the surface to more easily absorb any serums. We're a big fan of the Clarasonic (top of ABW staff Christmas lists this year), or the super clever Konjac sponges.

2. Slap it on. Eastern women have a very specific way of applying moisturiser. Rather than working it in in circles as is normal in the West, Eastern women we observed start at the bottom of their chin, then work it up the face with the forehead being the last. The cream is gently slapped onto the surface. Its considered to stimulate circulation and help the cream penetrate deep into the skin. Try this technique using new 001 GLA Rebalancing Moisturiser.

3 Try oil for cleansing. Oil dissolves oil so it's perfect for make-up removal. It leaves skin clean and hydrated. We love Know-it-oil from the Philippines.

4. Hydrate. Keep skin well hydrated by using a mask with Hyarulonic Acid. We love the Collagen Paper Face Masks from Korea. They really plump up the skin!

5. What's good for your body is good for you skin.  Look for products with skin loving ingredients good enough to eat, such as Dahliana Overnight Fruit lift with cherries and Green Tea extract.

6. Time for tea.  A staple of Chinese beauty - tea detoxes the body from the inside out. Look for white or green tea which is high in wrinkle busting anti-oxidants. Marble&Milkweed Rose and Chamomile Tea has organic white tea as it's base.  

Overall the biggest thing we learnt was that Eastern women really look after their skin, it's taught at a young age, and it's part of their culture from the Giesha times. We'll be bringing a little bit of this Eastern promise to the UK.