Enjoy the journey…

Lost In Scent is on a home fragrance mission: to bring the spirit of excitement and adventure from travel back to the luxury of our own home. We curate every scent with inspiration from our own travels and memories to bring a feel of the great outdoors, indoors. Designed to transport you to places and times far from the grind of daily life, our candles burn with wanderlust.

Each candle we produce is lovingly hand-poured by founders Darrell and Andy at our west London workspace. We are proud to create our candles using 100% paraben free and vegan-friendly soy wax. Our scents are created using a blend of fragrance oils that are free of animal testing or any animal derivative ingredients.




The Range. 


Big Sur

The roof is down and the sun is high above the horizon on a road trip where the forest meets the ocean. Buoyant and zesty citrus and woodland florals soak up shoreline salt. Forget the destination, it’s all about the journey.

This road-trip inspired scent uses notes of lemon, sage, grapefruit and cedarwood to create a splash of the Pacific Ocean against a backdrop of clear woodland mist and forest florals. It’s a light and breezy hit that is as carefree as a map-free ride to the coast.


Bird Song

An English summer may be fleeting, but let the scent linger. The orchard in full bloom, fresh pear and apple carried on a breeze of rose, violet and freesia. Let time stand still on the days of endless sunlight spent on freshly cut grass.

With Birdsong we aim to keep the long barmy nights alive with scents of classical English walled-garden favourites. Delicate and sweet, it’s a hark back to blissful summer days where joy won’t be abated by the clouding of skies.


Mulholland Drive

Moonlight in the canyon and martinis on the balcony, welcome back to golden age of Hollywood. Inspired by heady adventures in the la-la-land of yesteryear, this is a seductive joyride where leather meets innocent gardenia and tuberose. Fasten your seatbelts!

This flirtatious fragrance is serving some serious Bette, Elizabeth and Montgomery too. Born of our love of the romance of Hollywood’s hedonism, and an ongoing obsession with Californian canyon life. The combination is musky and dark at the same time as playful and uplifting.


Escape the crowds and head into the woods. Deep refreshing woodland notes, giving way to uplifting breezes of lavender and rosemary. The route isn’t always clear, but finding your own path is half the fun.

Our most rugged scent, Wilderness is rooted deep in forest shades and a curiosity off the beaten path. We use cedar and pine oils in this candle to lift us to seriously off-grid moments where there’s only the trees for company.



From the cairn atop the peak, looking out across the archipelago, breathe in the purest highland air. Notes of pepper and woodland from the forests far below, beside tobacco and smoky hints of the moorland heather. A scent from the highlands, forever in your heart.

Evoking the landscapes and tranquillity of the Hebrides is a personal experience for Scottish founder Darrell, with a family history on the islands. This candle is a glowing, earthy journey through the lochs and sounds of Scotland’s western isles.



A curated collection is available on abeautifulworld. Full range available on lostinscent.com. All scents are currently available in 180g candles - £22



Coming soon to light up your winter


Himalaya (coming Winter 2018)

Like dawn bringing warmth after a cold crisp night, the heat is rising. Mists of oudh and warm vetiver, through a snow-capped valley of patchouli and sandalwood. Breathe in the cleansing air of herbaceous grasslands and let your heart soar as high as mountains. Notes of birch leaf, tarragon, sandalwood with hints of bergamot and orange. For our winter candle, perfect for festive gifting, we are in explorer territory with darker, muskier tones for warming the darker nights.