It's the time of year we imagine we'll be sitting down in front of a crackling fire after a brisk winter walk with glowing cheeks and shiny hair. In reality we're often found in Uggs, with slightly frizzy hair and skin that's starting to look dangerously dry and lips a little cracked around the edges....not so glam.

We've pulled together this essential guide so you can look super hot as the weather gets cold.


1. Think ahead. Winter weather dries skin, by this time the damage has already been done. Be prepared. As the weather starts to turn colder, throw everything you have at your skin in terms of moisture. Look for a rich body cream and hydrating night cream. Make sure to apply day and night keeping you skin well topped up, so it doesn't dry out in the first place. We love Indie Lee Hydrating Body Balm and SW Basics Cream.


2. Exfoliate. We would normally only associate exfoliation with summer time, but a top New York dermatologist explained to us that dead skin cells build up more quickly during the winter resulting in a dull complexion and break-outs. S W Basics Scrub is great for the body, and for the face and - we know this sounds a bit crazy - use a soft toothbrush in small circles with the Indie Lee Cleanser followed by Indie Lee Co-Q10 Toner to increase cellular turnover. Skin is left softer, brighter and clearer.


3 Anti-oxidants inside and out. Make anti-oxidants your friend this winter. Eat them, drink them, and put them all over your skin. Antioxidants will help keep skin-tone even, reduce winkles and generally make you look more glowy. Look for foods rich in anti-oxidants like pomegranates, citrus, and dark leafy greens, and skincare for face and body with a high anitoxidants. Our go to product is Dahliana Resveratrol Antioxidant Serum 


4. Turn the heat down. Heat can be just as drying as the cold. So try to resist the temptation to turn up the heating to full whack. Hot baths can also be just as dehydrating. So stick to quick showers, and just go for the long soak once a week.


5. Fake it. OK, we admit it...we love a bit of fake tan during the winter to keep skin looking healthy and glowing. Chocolate Sun Cocoa Lite is perfect as it's a rich moisturiser with a hint of fake tan - so leaving skin nourished with a healthy hint of colour.


So there you have it, 5 easy tips to look fabulous this winter time. Now go grab your Hunters and head out for that brisk country walk.