Follow five easy steps to make the perfect Valentines day do.

1. Step One - Prep

Do a quick treatment on your hair with Yarok Feed Your Youth to make it super soft, then wash with Yarok Feed Your Moisture Shampoo, and finish with Yarok Feed Your Volume Conditioner. Blow dry hair down and away from your face to flatten the cuticles and make it super shiny. Spritz over Love + Salt to give a bit of texture. Once dry, divide into a side parting, and then gently back comb the hair around your face to give a bit of height, and brush straight the lengths. 

2. Step Two - Smooth and divide

Pop a section clip just above each ear to keep the front nice and sleek. Create a middle parting at the back as if you were making two low ponytails.


Step 5 - Roses

Remove the sectioning grips, and pick three or four of your favourite roses, gentle place at the top and to one side of the twist and secure with bobby pins.  Spritz over a mist of Love + Roses to make hair smell sensational.

Valentines day hair is all sorted, and looking and smelling lovely.