Due to be a massive trend this Autumn/Winter is the polished ponytail.  With a little bit of effort you can whip any hair type into shape to create this sleek, sharp and on trend style.

1. Damp not dry. Wash and condition hair, then spray on a leave in conditioner to give a super sleek finish - we like Yarok Feed Your Ends. Then use a hair dryer to roughly dry your hair to 80% dry (so still feels a bit damp to touch)


2. Direct it down. To give your hair a sleek salon finish take a brush with a large roller, and then dry the remaining hair by directing the heat down the hair shaft. This will flatten the outer layer of the hair, making it shiny and straight.


3. Pick your pony. Low is cooler, high is more fun....pick where you stand on this, then using a flat brush pull your hair back into ponytail and secure with a soft elastic. 


4. Fix it. Take a section of hair about an inch wide from the underside of the ponytail. Spray lightly with hairspray, then wind it round the elastic several times and secure with a hairpin.  


5. Finish it.  Use a shine serum, like Yarok Feed Your Shine. Take a half pump of it and work it between your hands, gently smooth hands over your head and down the ponytail to smooth away fly-aways. There you go, polished, perfect and ready to play.