This season it's all about the MLOB (Messy Long Bob). Laid back, undone and perfect to take hair from Winter into Summer. Seen everywhere from LA to London this is the look to have, and here's how to get it.


1. The right start. This look really does need a choppy layered bob to work. So if you're updating your look next time you go to the hairdressers ask for it to be slightly shorter at the back, with longer laters towards the front. Then you'll be good to go.


2. Long and Straight. Start by blowdrying your hair straight. I know weird to go straight to then go curly, but bear with us on this one. If you have fine hair blow-dry using a volumising mousse such as Yarok Feed Your Roots, or if you have thicker hair use a shine serum such as Yarok Feed Your Shine


3.  Lived in texture. Use a thick curling iron to create loose ringlets without curling the roots or the ends of the hair. It's all about creating movement in the mid section. Divide hair into one inch sections and curl in alternative directions.  Relax, grab a juice and allow hair to cool fully before going to the next step.


4. Top Texture. Take NEW Yarok Dry Shampoo powder, put a 10p sized amount in your hand and apply to the roots to create lift, then apply Love + Salt texturing Salt spray to the roots and mid lengths. Apply throughout your hair and leave for 2mins.


5. Shake it out. We love this bit. Stick your head upside-down and shake out the curls. While still upside down massage your fingers through your hair scrunching it up to the roots. This will diffuse the curls and create a really lovely lived in look.


5. Smooth Finish. Take a small amount of styling cream, we love Josh Rosebrook Styling Cream and work it over the palms of your hands. Gently use your hands to move the curls into place, and them smooth any excess cream to over the ends. Fix with Josh Rosebrook Hairspray and you're good to go and enjoy your day looking oh so A-list.