1. Don't fight it
. In this weather your hair will petty much do what it wants. Pick a style that works with your natural hair type. If it's straight go for sleek. If it's curly work with your waves.


2. Treat it well. It's easier to prevent frizz than fix it, so give it the best start with a treatment oil. We love to apply Yarok Feed Your Sunshine before we shampoo and condition, the oil nourishes the hair and helps lock in moisture.


3. Get hands on. Don't roughly towel dry your hair, instead wring out the excess moisture using your hands, and add a leave in conditioner such as Yarok Feed Your Ends. Then ideally let it dry naturally, or if you do blow dry, remember to aim the hairdryer down the hair shaft (up will make it go fluffy).


4. Style it. To help keep everything in the right place add a styling product. If you're going for loose waves use a mousse, or for super sleek add a fine mist of hairspray from arms length.


5. WAIT. Try to wait 15minutes before you leave the house - as hair sets as it cools. Spend the time picking out a fabulous pair of sunnies to set off your lovely summer locks.


6. Top it up. Keep an eye on it during the day. If you feel it's heading towards frizz, calm it down with the help of Yarok Feed Your Shine Serum. Rub a drop of this (it's very potent so you don't need much) between your hands and gently smooth over hair to tame and treat. Now let's go enjoy this glorious sunshine!