Strong is the new skinny and we couldn’t agree more. As we head into 2016 we’re all about being lean, healthy, active and powerful.

We’re embracing the shape we have and exercising because we love our bodies.

Here’s our five top tips to get your strong on;


  1. Head Space
The first step to getting strong is to get in the right mindset. Prepare yourself, think positive. You are brilliant, you know you are, it’s time to show strength mentally as well as physically
  1. Exercise

Get out there, get moving. Try to do a minimum of 20-30mins exercise per day. Train your body. Focus of exercise that strengthens rather than tires the body; yoga, resistance work and even fast walking are all great. 

  1. Love limits

Don’t push your body to the limit; stop, listen to your body and understand when you’re working it too hard. 40mins into your new hot yoga class and you feel light headed, no worries, take a break for 5 mins, then get back to it. Key here is to challenge yourself without over doing it. 

  1. Set Goals

You want it, then the first step is to visualize it. It sounds a bit fluffy but see yourself as you’d like to be. Reconnect to this thought at the start of each work out. Set the end goal and you’ll get there, strong girls don’t give up

  1. Stay strong

After a couple of weeks you’ll be in the strong zone. This isn’t just a phase thing, keep it up, stay strong, eat well and love hard.