Welcome to 2015, it's time to get your happy on;

1. Get Happy

Jump around..jumping jacks, skipping, literally just jumping on the spot. Do this for 7mins a day. You’ll look a bit bonkers if you try it in the office, but try to fit it in somewhere. It will get the blood pumping and totally lift your spirits.

2. Dress Happy

Pop on a pink top, orange skirt. Mix it up and go bright. Wearing colours you wouldn’t normally put together, or super brights or both together. Although please do run this past the style police before venturing out.

3. Smell Happy

Take a minute when something smells good to really enjoy it; morning coffee, a fresh cut orange, that amazing Tahitian Vanilla Cream from The Body Deli (we literally can't get enough of that scent).

4. Think Happy

Take five minutes each day to think nice things. Just thinking positively will totally get you in a happy mood. Don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself, try to see the positive in things.

5. Hello Happy

Research has shown that saying hello to people and giving them a quick hug will boost not only yours but also their happiness. OK we’re not saying stop every person you see in the street, but try it out on some people you know and see what happens.

6. Sleep Happy

If you want to get more happy, sleep is defo gonna help you along the way. The equation is simple More Sleep = Happier bod = Happier you.