New season = New Hair.

Three top tips to get you on trend for the new season;

1. Seeing Red

Autumn / Winter hues are all about the reds. This season coppers are where it's at - think that colour the Autumn leaves go. Chemical free colour can be tricky, but there are some fabulous brands out there. Opt for a semi permanent colour to add shine and nourish the hair. Mordechai from Yarok recommends Organic Colour System 

2. New wave

Think glamorous big waves, but with tons of texture. That i've been out all night and still look fabulous look. Perfect for mid length or longer hair. Wash and towel dry hair. Spritz Love + Salt Beach Hair and Body Mist all over. Divide into three, and twist into top knots. Blast with a hair dryer and leave to 'set'. After 15mins, take your hair down, tip head upside down and blast again with the hair dryer. Flip, tease and gently use your fingers to backcomb into textures waves. Fix with Yarok Feed Your Hold.

3. Braids and Twists

Pretty braids and twists were everywhere on the runway for AW '14. We loved the side halo braid. Wash hair, and apply Yarok Feed Your Roots, add a little extra to the crown of the head. Tip head upside down and blow dry, paying special attention to add volume at the crown. Turn head the right way up and then divide into a deep side parting. Secure the smaller section with a grip. With the larger section, take the section nearest your parting and divide into three, then start to neatly plait the hair across your forehead (adding to just oneside of plait), moving down to your ear. At the base of the ear plait as normal. Secure with a small band, and release the clip on the other side. Shake out your hair....and there you go - lovely Autumn/Winter locks.