So...the sun's starting to shine again, blossom is on the trees and it's finally time to pack away those winter boots and swap in the summer wardrobe. But OMG...feet, I haven't seen you in a while and oh my goodness you need some TLC before its safe to be seen in Sophia Webster glads. Here's how to get ready to bare all this spring....


1. Soak. Step one, soften them up. Run yourself a shallow bath, with lots of bubbles. We love Plant Get Happy body wash with geranium and peppermint. Sit, relax, and plan your summer goals.


2. Scrub. It's really important to remove as much dry skin as you can. After soaking pat dry skin, then apply a body scrub. is really good and smells so lush. Work the scrub onto skin in small circular motions, start at your toes and work up to the ankles, paying particular attention to your heels. Then rinse.


3.  Buff. Grab a pumice stone or foot file (sounds a bit grim, but they work) and really work at any bumps and rough patches. This is the bit you really need to put the effort in, but the results will pay off! 


4. Moisturise. Pick a really rich moisturiser containing shea butter. Indie Lee Hydrating Body Balm is just stunning, really rich, but sinks in easily, and it smells just dreamy! Apply liberally and work in from toes up to mid calf. You should start to be feeling quite spring fresh by now. Allow to sink in for 10 mins


5. Polish. Trim, file and get nail bed ready with a quite wipe of nail varnish remover. Then pick a pretty spring colour, the coral colour Mars by Intensae is perfect for this time of year, and apply. Remember to seal in colour and make them all shiny with a top coat.


Toes and feet should now be feeling bright, fresh and full of the joys of spring. Time to slip on those Sophia Websters and start to flash some flesh.