How do they do it, The French women always looks so polished and beautiful. Well we sent our team over to Paris to speak to some Parisian beauties to get the secret to their success...


1. French women know that hydration is key to good skin. Water is a French woman's secret weapon it helps to flush toxins from the body, and also keep hunger at bay. Drink a pint of water with juice of one organic lemon every morning, and try to drink a minimum of two litres of water a day. Très bon!

2. French women know that circulation is important. They aren't afraid to subject the skin to a bit of a shock to stimulate the nervous system, and give skin a healthy glow. Try taking a hot shower, then just before you jump out switch it to freezing cold. Then give skin a rigorous dry with a towel to get the blood to the surface. If full body is a bit much, start with just your face.  

3.  French women know the power of naturals. Natural beauty secrets are passed through the generations; from applying cucumber slices to the eyes to treat puffiness to rinsing hair with vinegar for shine.

4. French women know that beauty takes time. Beauty is an important part of the French woman's life and it's considered time well spent. Try to make time for a once a week at home facial, complete with hydrating mask for face and hair. 

5. French women avoid the sun. They may live in a gloriously sunny climate (well in the South at least), but we'll be sure to see big shades and hats with super wide rims to ensure that skin is not just protected, but hidden from the sun's harmful rays.

6. French women know it. It's a lot about confidence. Take this advice from the master (or should that be mistress) of French Glamour "Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside", Coco Channel.