We love a bit of fitness at abeautifulworld. But as with our beauty we also love to be at the cutting edge of the latest and great trends. So we asked Anna Magee from Healthista.com to take us through the five most fashionable fitness trends in the UK right now. So...heels off, fly knits on, it's time to get all hot and sweaty in a good way....


Here's Anna's top five of what's hot right now...

1. Orange Theory

Orange Theory is a new workout founded in the US physiologist Ellen Dowson and is taking America by storm. Using the science behind fat burring, classes involve weights, balance training, resistance bands and core exercises, all to get you to work at 84% of your maximum heart rate (the 'orange' zone), allowing you to burn as much fat as possible. And it's just opened in London. Classes are £20. orangetheoryfitness.com


2. Inside Out Barre

Think Barre classes are for softies? Think again. Inside Out Barre at Equinox involves elements of flexibility, and strength. The workout incorporates hand weights, resistance bands, and pilates balls, but the main tool is the bar. Best of all it does involve actual elements of ballet; grande-plies, battement glisses and ronde de jambs for a full on full body work out. Monthly membership at Equinox is £183 equinox.com

3. Barry's Bootcamp

Founded by Barry Jay in LA. This is the go to work out of celebs such as Juliette Lewis, Jessica Biel and Katie Holmes. Classes involve a mix of hardcore sprints and resistance sessions where you are pushed to work at your absolute fullest. Despite being, let's face it, pretty hard work, you're surrounded by neon lighting, gorgeous instructors and encouraged to have a crazy fun time whilst doing it. Classes cost £20, here's their website; barrysbootcamp.com 


4. Whipped

New Whipped class uses weighted ropes, kettle bells and more to whip you into shape. Combining HIT with circuit training it gives you a full body workout that tones, tightens and strengthens. The music is loud, as you move round ten separate stations where various equipment is used to aid your workout. It's hard, it's fast but it's also great fun. Get whipped at Equinox. Membership is £183 a month, equinox.com

5. Fitness Raves

Fancy dancing off hundreds of calories before breakfast? It's a new concept in both fitness and clubbing - the early morning rave party you attend not after a long night clubbing, but before work. Starting at 6.30am you'll be handed a fresh coffee or a superfood smoothie, then you'll get going to some seriously loud music, encouraging aerobic exercise and dancing as the ultimate exercise. Tickets are £10 in advance morninggloryville.com



Anna Magee is the editor of healthista.com, the online health channel for women