Fresh from LA, Dahliana is at the cutting edge of organic and natural skincare. New to the UK, this luxury brand is constantly breaking boundaries with innovative, natural skincare solutions using certified organic, fresh and full strength ingredients. Dahliana specialises uses fresh fruit juice with naturally occurring fruit acids, fruit stem cell technologies and enzymes to create non-chemical bio-reactive results - luxury, natural skincare at its finest.

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Dahliana Overnight Fruit Lift - £56

This amazing night cream is packed full of the worlds finest organic ingredients this super strength night cream is a unique combination of pharma strength Co-Enzyme Q10, plus natural active ingredients from cherries. The Dahliana Overnight Fruit Lift Crème is part exfoliant and part mask. It boosts collagen production, refines the skin while providing deep hydration at the same time. It's like waking up with new skin.  

Key Ingredients

This super powerful, antioxidant formula is loaded with Organic Acerola Cherry Juice and Co-Enzyme Q10, geared towards providing high performance anti-ageing benefits using only certified organic, fresh and full-strength ingredients.

How it works

Skin breathes during the night; it's the only time it has to take in all the nutrients and repair itself from free radical damage. Rich in Vitamin C, Organic Acerola Cherry Juice brightens dull looking skin and lightens age spots, while Co-Enzyme Q10 helps manage energy production in cells, stimulating collagen production with dramatic anti-ageing benefits.


Eye Renew Crème - £44

Perfect for brightening and tightening over-worked eyes. This 100% Bio-Peptide complex helps soothe the delicate skin surrounding your eyes and restores vitality. This miracle formula minimises puffiness and dark circles by healing the skin and stimulating new collagen production, while naturally occurring Malic Acid stops wrinkles in their tracks. Dark circles disappear, fine lines are reduced and we are left with brighter, lighter, super sparkly eyes - love!.  

Key Ingredients

Full of special hydrating antioxidants like pharmaceutical grade Co-Enzyme Q10, and Eyebright Extract, this product delivers a younger, brighter and luminous under-eye. A mixture of Witch Hazel, Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract and Grapefruit Oil gives the cream it's fresh, zesty fragrances.

How it works

Seaweed Enzymes deliver micronutrients to the skin, while Evening Primrose Oil helps hydrate the sensitive skin around the eye. In addition, fruit stem cell technology works its magic to boost cell regeneration.