Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley have taken the health and wellness industry by storm since launching their family wellness business in 2010 for people who want to live healthier happier lives. Regular columnists to Vogue, advisors to Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, and they have their own best-selling cookbook The Art of Eating Well. (Win your copy of this quite frankly brilliant book here). which combines nourishing, home cooked healthy food in the most delicious way. 

We were so delighted to catch up with the very fabulous Hemsley + Hemsley sisters who have given us the Beauty Insider on their top picks from ABW...


We’re always taking snaps of our food for Instagram so manicured nails are a must! The Intensae Izzy Nail Lacquer in a beautiful deep, rich, red provides a pop of colour which goes with everything and being a flexible formula it’s chip resistant so lasts longer than usual.


When it comes to beauty, Melissa and I have the same outlook as we do towards food; keep it as close to nature as possible, after all your skin is your biggest organ! The Marble & Milkweed Rosy Lip Tint fits the bill - as it’s made with coconut oil I get to slick on a hint of colour while moisturising my lips, no mirror needed. I use coconut oil for everything from hair masks to moisturiser and eye make-up remover.


I was recently away in Thailand and the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator was a total lifesaver (or skin saver!) on the long journey over here. It hydrates my skin with vitamin infused water and is small enough to carry in your hand luggage - just what you need when you’re on a skin drying, overly air conditioned plane.



Now the days are getting brighter and warmer, my go-to outfits are summer dresses with my favourite converse or ankle boots. Throughout the year I do a daily 3 minute body brush before showering which is excellent for circulation but now, since baring a little more, The Body Deli Moroccan Mint Body Scrub has been my port of call for achieving smooth and supple skin on my legs and feet after a long, cold winter. The sea salt detoxifies while the shea, cocoa and coconut butters hydrate and it smells good enough to eat!


Being in the a hot and steamy kitchen a lot, I always feel like I need a good mask for my hair. Not only to keep it in good condition but also to remove any lingering odours from whatever I’ve been cooking! The Yarok Feed Your Moisture Masque does just this - use it once a week or so and you can really feel the difference.


Cherries are known to brighten the skin - have you tried our Blackforest Gateau-inspired Cherry Trifle? I love the Dahliana Overnight Fruit Lift Creme because it’s brimming with them, meaning I go to sleep and wake up with skin thats been naturally exfoliated and deeply nourished, all while smelling of cherries! So far it’s the only cream my boyfriend will try because it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, so we share it!

Huge thanks to the Hemsley + Hemsley sisters, great select. Plus big thanks for all at ABW HQ, we have had a major improvement in our office lunches after testing out a few of your recipes.

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