Ada gives us the Beauty Insider on how to perfect you skincare routine the Asian way. 

Growing up in the metropolis of Hong Kong, where cutting edge architecture is juxtaposed with centuries of culture – Ada Ooi watched with fascination as elders restored health to skin, body and mind using the principles of traditional apothecary to return the humours in the body to their natural state of being – a state of equilibrium.

Being of inquisitive mind and herself trained as an aromatherapist and beauty therapist, Ada looked about and above to this city that so successfully fused the modern with the traditional, and wondered how current principles of twenty first century science could combine with dynastic methods to create a potent, hybrid skincare line. One that would not only defeat the environmental imbalance which causes premature ageing at a cellular level but enliven, enlighten and delight the skin, returning it once more to its finest state – Equilibrium.

Ada Ooi now lives and works in London, she is a trained aromatherapist, beauty therapist, dance art curator and a champion of world cultures. Here's her Beauty Insider on the perfect skincare routine;


1. Exfoliate regularly: this is Clear Skin 101 for Asian women who grew up in the warmer and humid climate to prevent blocked pores.  In colder places like ours exfoliation does not only help shed accumulated deadskin for better product penetration, it also stimulates blood circulations to maintain skin vitality. We developed 001 Pure Active Peel to leave skin glowing, radiant and revitalised.


2. Layering: Asian women are big in concentrated formulas to treat certain conditions or to really strengthen skin health, these products might be called Concentrate, Serum or Elixir and are usually layered under the moisturiser. Use Intensive Elixir after cleansing and toning, followed with your choice of moisturiser.


3. Use your hands: Different massage techniques can really enhance product absorption and give your skin a kick to prevent water retention. Try tapping, kneading, pressing and upward strokes when applying moisturising products. But do it gently- you don't want to create 'habitual lines' from the massages.


4. Experiment with products: GLA & Anti-Oxidant Balancing Cream is suitable to be used under your eyes, dab a drop and tap with your fingers, this will help to de-puff and stimulate congested veins. No more panda eyes. Or try mixing Intensive Elixir with a moisturiser/cream to boost the moisturising and rejuvenating benefits.


5. Make use of cotton pads: Skin feeling tight or dry in the middle of the day but can't take off your make up to 're-moisturise? Use one side of a dry cotton pad to slightly brush away surface dirt, flip it over, apply a couple drops of GLA & Anti-Oxident Cream or Intensive Elixir and rub it within the cotton pad. Gently dab on dry skin areas (most probably your cheeks). On top of moisturising, it gives a healthy glow too.